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  • Order Rick Coraccio's  Anthology CD  Shipping April 20th.

Rick Coraccio was a constant musician in the 1970's and 1980's Boston Punk Rock and Garage Rock scene. He played in the legendary bands DMZ, Lyres and later formed The Last Ones and The Shambles. He has recorded albums with notable producers Craig Leon (The Ramones, Blondie), Flo & Eddie (Frank Zappa, The Turtles) Rick Harte (Ace of Hearts Records), and in 1978 his band DMZ was signed to Sire Records (The Ramones). Rick went on to help create the quintessential garage rock album "On Fyre" with his band Lyres. The history of Boston garage rock is imprinted throughout this album and has an impressive supporting cast of musicians on each song including Dan McCormack (Guitar/Vocals with Lyres, The Last Ones), Jimmy Birmingham (Drums with The Real Kids, Mach Bell), Dave Szczepaniak (Bass with Lyres), Richie Johnson (Frank Rowe, Baby's Arm, The Boize, The Last Ones) Steve Aquino (Guitar with Lyres) and Paul Murphy (Drums with DMZ, Lyres), Many of these recordings were taken from the original 8 track master tapes recorded at memorable studios like Euphoria Sound Studios in Revere, Ma where Phish recorded their historic album "Junta" You can feel that unmistakable classic 8 track pure analog sound throughout. Only a Limited quantity of CD's will be available.